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TC-1836 Fabric Arm Chair With Black Powder Coating Legs

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  • MOQ: चेयर 200PCS, टेबल 50PCS, कॉफी टेबल 100PCS
  • प्रसव के पोर्ट: टियांजिन पोर्ट / शेन्ज़ेन पोर्ट / शंघाई बंदरगाह
  • उत्पादन समय: 45 दिन
  • भुगतान की अवधि: टी / टी या एल / सी
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    1-Company Profile

    व्यवसाय प्रकार: निर्माता / फैक्टरी और ट्रेडिंग कंपनी
    मुख्य उत्पाद: डाइनिंग टेबल, डाइनिंग कुर्सी, कॉफी टेबल, आराम से कुर्सी, बेंच
    कर्मचारियों की संख्या: 202
    स्थापना का वर्ष: 1997
    गुणवत्ता संबंधित प्रमाणन: आईएसओ, BSCI, EN12521 (EN12520 ), EUTR
    स्थान: हेबै, चीन (मुख्यभूमि)

    TXJ showroom

    2-Product Specification

    D610 * W565 * H840mm SH500mm / SD450mm / SW420mm
    1)Back & seat: Vintage fabric
    2)Frame: Metal tube, powder coating, black matt, K+D
    3)Package: 2PCS/2CTNS
    4)Loadability: 500PCS/40HQ
    5)Volume: 0.137CBM /PC
    6)MOQ: 200PCS
    7)Delivery port: FOB Tianjin


    This dining chair is very popular in Belgium, the Netherlands, etc. The seat and back is made by TCB fabric, the legs is made by black powder coating tubes. It brings you peace when having dinner with family. You can change color, we have many color for you choosing.

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  • (1)Assembly instructions (AI) Requirement: AI will be packaged with a red plastic bag and be sticked at a fixed place where is easy to be seen on the product. And it will be sticked to every piece of our products.
    AI packing

    (2)Fitting bags:
    Fittings will be packaged by 0.04mm and above red plastic bag with “PE-4” printed to ensure the safety. Also, it should be fixed at easy found place.
    Fitting bags
    (3)Chair Seat&Back Package Requirements:
    All the upholstery must be packaged with coated bag, and load-bearing parts be foam or paperboard.It should be separated with metals by packing materials and the protection of metals’ parts which are easy to harm upholstery should be strengthened.

    frame packing way

    1. Q:Are you factory or trading company?

    A:We are manufacturer.

    2.Q:What is your MOQ?

    A:Uasully our MOQ is 40HQ container, but you can mix 3-4 items.

    3.Q:Do you provide sample for free?

    A:We will charge first but will return if customer work with us.

    4.Q:Do you support OEM?


    5.Q:What is the payment term?


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