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TXJ International Co., Ltd was established in 1997. In the past decade we have built 4 production lines and plants of furniture Intermediates, like tempered glass, wooden board and metal pipe, and a furniture assembly factory for various finished furniture production. The more important thing is we are implementing the highest production standards for the furniture industry since 2000 with certifications from European and North American.

In order to develop and grow the warehousing and logistic services, we opened up two branch offices at Tianjin in 2004 and Guangdong in 2006. We planned and launched the new design catalog yearly for our VIP partner since 2013. After TXJ, we have developed a new brand - COZY LIVING, which is in the charge of branch office in Guangdong. Now with the increase of our business orders, we have opened up a new branch named Tianjin DSK International Co.,Ltd in 2022.

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tootmine Center


R & D Center

Kõik pindala on 30.000 ruutmeetrit, sealhulgas tootmise töökoda, testimise keskus ja säilitamise keskus. Terve rida täiustatud automaatika seadmeid rohkem kui 120 tegevuskulud töötaja ja 5 professionaalse kvaliteediga inspektorid vastutavad toote kvaliteeti. Pakend töökoda pindala on 2000 ruutmeetrit, 20 töötajat jälgib pakkimine koodi.

There are 20 employees managing the 4,000 square meters logistics center which equipped with automated warehouse management system and advanced ventilation and temperature control equipment, and have mechanized harvesting capacity.

Projekteerimine office ja näituseruum pindala on 500 ruutmeetrit, 10 arendajad ja projekteerijad on pakkuda üle sadu uusi disainilahendusi igal aastal. Igal aastal on nad kujundada uue tootekataloogi VIP custmers.We on elevil vastu oma ODM või OEM järjekorras.

Company Culture


TXJ is a wonderful place to work and it is not just because of benefits that we focused on. It`s because of the team, people coming from different areas gather here. We are a big family taking care of each other, working and moving forward to one dream.

Furnishing Your Home Better

TXJ is in furniture business with more than 20 years and constantly committed to listening and satisfying customers' needs, exploring deep requirement of the market and getting a win-win. We aim to furnish your home better and cozy!


“The quality first, the customer supreme” is the principle that TXJ always insists on.

Embrace innovation

Populare design must combine the great comforts with good functionality. Thus innovation for furniture cannot stop for one second. It needs our developers,designers and professional brains work together to get all in every single product. At TXJ, we have the technical team which is full of passions, innovations and integrity tor reach it and provide customer various.


Team Management

TXJ is a big family, we value all staffs diversity here. We provide a good working environment and incentives where all can feel respected, participated and welcomed and have the opportunity to grow personally and professionaly. We, as well, improve the staff training system and career development channel so that staffs and enterprise are in synchronous growth.