10 Trends from 2022 Designers Hope Will Endure in 2023

While the start of 2023 will surely bring with it the arrival of new design trends, there’s nothing wrong with carrying some tried and true favorites into the next calendar year. We asked interior designers to weigh in on the 2022 trends that they’ve absolutely loved and hope will continue to make a splash come 2023. Read on for 10 of the pros’ favorite looks.

Eclectic Color

Bring on the bold hues in 2023! Notes Melissa Mahoney of Melissa Mahoney Design House, “If I had to pick one thing that I hope we will see more of in 2023 interiors, it’s eclectic color! I can feel it, people are ready to embrace their own vibe and let their personality shine through their home.” So why not take the opportunity to introduce some loud prints, patterns, and paints into your home? Adds Mahoney. “I can’t wait to see them let it all out!” Thayer Orelli of Thayer Woods Home and Style says that in particular, she hopes to see more gemstone-inspired hues come 2023. “As much as we love our white walls we are loving and appreciating the rich jewel tones,” she comments.

Statement Lighting

Go ahead and continue to say bye-bye to those boring builder grade fixtures! Orelli says that “bold and oversized lighting that makes a statement and makes any space glow” will continue to be en vogue next year.

Scalloped Details

Alison Otterbein of On Delancey Place has enjoyed seeing scalloped elements make their way into the design world more prominently. “I’ve always loved scalloped details, and although this has become a trending design element recently, I’ve always considered it a cute yet classic way to to bring a bit of femininity and whimsy to anything from cabinetry and upholstery to rugs and decor,” she says. ” There’s just something about them that feels sophisticated yet playful all at once, I’m here for this trend to stick around.”

Warm, Deep Colors

By no means are moody hues solely for fall and winter. “I really hope that warm, deep colors stick around,” says Lindsay EB Atapattu of LEB Interiors. “The dark cinnamon, aubergine, that muddy olive green—I am loving all of those rich colors that bring so much depth and warmth to a space,” she explains. ”I hope they continue to be what my clients are seeking because I love them so much!”

Traditional Elements

Certain pieces have stood the test of time for a reason, after all! “I am loving the resurgence of traditional design,” notes Alexandra Kaehler of Alexandra Kaehler Design. “Brown furniture, chintz, classic architecture. For me, it never went away, but I am loving seeing it all around now. It is timeless, and will hopefully never go out of style.”

Warmer Neutrals

Think classic neutral hues, but with a bit of a twist. “Although neutrals are timeless and we still love our crisp whites and cool grays for a contemporary look, there has been a trend toward warmer neutrals…creams and beiges and earthier shades like camel and rust,” says Beth Stein of Beth Stein Interiors. “This shift towards a bit more warmth helps to foster cozy inspired spaces, and I believe and hope for that reason, it will be around for a while. Isn’t that what we all really want?”

Earthy, Nature-Inspired Interiors

Designer Chrissy Jones of Twenty-Eighth Design Studio has been loving the earthy tones and nature-inspired interiors of the past year. “Coming off of a 2022 high of neutral tones and moody grays, the rise of brown and various hues of terracotta will likely continue,” she notes. So bring on the texture and fun shapes. “With this trend, you will see more layered and organic textures, including wall coverings, and curved furniture, decor and rugs, aligning with the wabi sabi design trend,” Jones adds.

Designer Nikola Bacher of Studio Nikogwendo Interior Design agrees that natural materials will continue to have a major moment in 2023—so expect to see the continued use of rattan, wood and travertine. “We live in a very challenging time, so we want to make our home as cozy and natural as possible,” Bachelor explains. “The colors and materials of nature make us feel calmer and more grounded.”

Designer Alexa Evans of Alexa Rae Interiors expresses similar sentiments, hoping the organic modern look will live on. “Organic modern spaces tend to be calming and soothing because they bring the outside in,” she says. “Layering textures, such as venetian plaster, and colors from nature create a space that exudes style, while still feeling like home.”

Curvy and Organically Shaped Pieces

Designer Abigail Horace of Casa Marcelo is all about curvy and organically shaped furniture and accessories. “I love how the round and semicircle furniture has become accepted, modernized, and a staple this past year and hope it continues in 2023,” she says. “It just offers such a beautiful form to something that has everyday use, like a sofa. I also love architectural arches, arched and round case goods, arched doors, and more.”

Colorful Furniture Pieces

Cristina Martinez of Cristina Isabel Design always appreciates when clients have a tendency toward color. “We love helping our clients choose furniture pieces that are outside their comfort zone, whether it’s a blue velvet sofa or yellow accent chairs,” she says. “There’s so much variety to choose from nowadays, we love taking advantage of these statement pieces to wake up the room. We would love to see people continue to mix and match their furniture pieces in 2023!”


By no means are classic quilts at all dated, says designer Young Huh of Young Huh Interior Design. “I love that quilts are making their way back into our homes,” she reflects. “Whether it’s sentimental and the client’s own, or one we’ve picked up along the way, a touch of something handmade and pretty always adds a wonderful layer to an interior.”

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Post time: Nov-21-2022