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Niu City real Estate network news; To tell you the truth,  choice problem flared up again today. Want to introduce the common sense of furniture of a few choose and buy to everybody, but do not know for a while should choose from which hand proceed with? Later I thought about it, we Chinese have a word is very suitable here – food, clothing, shelter and transportation. Yeah, those four guys.


As for clothes, we all have our own favorite styles, and this topic has little to do with our furniture. At most, after we buy clothes, we put them in the closet. Today, however, is not going to introduce you to wardrobe problems. Instead, is going to skip clothes and talk about food choices.


What we eat and drink is closely related to each of us. What’s more, when we face food, it can instantly become a foodie. But, look, the buts here. Food can really arouse our appetite, and a good dining environment, is also essential. How to choose a table, we should note the following points:


Dimension: before buying table, must measure the area of dining-room in oneself home. According to the area of the restaurant, the reasonable purchase of appropriate table. This will not cause, dining table small dining room big, dining room small dining table big unreasonable planning. Still have is, also want to consider oneself at ordinary times whether often receive a visitor. If often receive a visitor, and the number is more, so small feather suggests everybody, must buy a big table with big area. Otherwise, guests eat on the table, gee! The table is too small to hold so many people. At that time as a host of their own, extremely embarrassed!


Style: the style of table, this respect is also the most important. How can I put it? Take a simple example, a friend’s home, the overall style of house decoration design, the use of European style. And turn choose and buy table, this friend inexplicable bought the table that a very Chinese style changes. Come so, make this table appears very easily conspicuous, go against completely with painting style. So, when choosing mensal, must agree with room whole style. This one truth, also apply to other furniture.


Material: the table material on market now, it is woodiness, marble or vitreous desktop commonly. Of course, the table that place of these 3 kinds of materials makes, also be different on the style. Wood style is relatively speaking, may be Chinese or European style. And marble qualitative mensal, compare with contracted wind build. As to vitreous table, accord with contemporary wind quite. In addition to these points, we should also consider the situation of table users. If there are elderly people in the house,  recommends buying wooden dining tables, which are environmentally friendly and of good quality. If there are children in the home, then buy the table, no matter what material, it is best not to choose the kind of angular table.


Shape: the shape of table is chosen, also have skill to speak of. Some families Koha has seen tend to eat at home with square tables and less round tables. In our country, there is a traditional concept of “round heaven and place”, round table meaning auspicious and complete. But,  said, if there are fewer people, a square table is fine. If there are many people, choose a round table. Of course, there are other shapes. But want to use circumstance according to personnel, the table that choose and buy accords with him most is most appropriate.


That’s all for today’s furniture shopping tips. Do you think, what  explained today, have you learned?

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Post time: Jun-23-2022