This year was a whirlwind of earthy colors, TikTok micro-aesthetics, moody spaces, and bold and innovative design choices. And while summer is only just barely behind us, the design world already has its sights set on the New Year and the trends we can expect to see in 2024.

Color trends, in particular, are a hot topic right now with brands like Behr, Dutch Boy Paints, Valspar, C2, Glidden, and more announcing their 2024 colors of the year within the last month.

To get the scoop on the color trends that we can expect to see in the New Year, we spoke to design experts to see what 2024 color trends they are most excited about.

Warm Whites

Designers predict that whites with warm undertones will continue to be popular in the new year: think vanilla, off-white, cream, and more, says Liana Hawes, associate principal designer at WATG, a luxury hospitality design firm with offices across three different continents. Meanwhile, Hawes predicts that cool whites, grays, and other cool-toned neutrals will continue to wane in popularity in 2024.

These shades of white bring sophistication and depth to a space while keeping it bright and neutral. Whatever you do, “don’t go out and buy builder’s beige—that is NOT it,” Hawes says.

Olive and Dark Green

Green has been a popular color for a few years now and designers predict that this trend will continue into 2024. However, we can expect to see darker shades of green take favor over light and pastel tones, says Heather Goerzen, lead interior designer at Havenly. In particular, olive green will have its moment in 2024.


Another warm, earthy tone that is set to be big in 2024 is brown.

“By far the biggest color trend we’ve noticed in the last two years or so is all brown everything, and we see this continuing,” Goerzen says. From mushroom brown to taupe, mocha, and espresso, you’ll see brown everywhere in the new year.

“It’s a little 1970s retro lounge, and far softer than harsh black,” Goerzen says. “It can be dressed up or down and blends with so many color palettes.”


Green may be holding strong in the top color trends of the new year, but Rudolph Diesel, a top UK-based interior designer, predicts that color trends will be moving towards favoring blue. Brands like Valspar, Minwax, C2, and Dunn-Edwards are thinking the same thing, with all four releasing shades of blue as their 2024 color of the year. Blue is a classic color that is equal parts earthy and sophisticated depending on the shade. In addition, it’s known for having a calming effect when used in interior design.

“Lighter shades of blue can make a room feel more spacious and open, [while] deeper and darker shades of blue create a rich, dramatic atmosphere,” Diesel says.

It can also be used in any room of the home, but is particularly well-suited for rooms that you want to relax and unwind in such as living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Moody Tones

Jewel tones and dark, moody colors have been trending for a couple of years now and designers don’t expect that to change in 2024. This trend is definitely reflected in several of the 2024 paint brands’ color of the year picks such as Behr’s Cracked Pepper and Dutch Boy Paints’ Ironside. These moody tones lend an elegant, sophisticated, and dramatic touch to any space.

“There are endless ways to incorporate darker, more moody tones into your space: from small accents like a painted vase to an accent ceiling, or even repainting your cabinets with a bold hue,” says interior designer Cara Newhart.

If the thought of using a moody tone in your space feels intimidating, Newhart recommends trying out the color on a smaller project first (think an old piece of furniture or decor) so that you can live with the color in your space for a bit before committing to a larger project.

Reds and Pinks

With the rise of decor trends like dopamine decor, Barbiecore, and colorful maximalism, decorating with shades of pink and red is continuing to increase in popularity. And with the recent box office success of the “Barbie” movie, designers expect that red and pink will be big in interior design in 2024. These warm, energizing hues are ideal for infusing a little personality and color into any space, plus they work well in any room of the home.

“From deep, rich burgundies to bright. playful cherry reds or fun and pretty pinks, there’s a shade of red for everyone—allowing you to tailor the intensity of this color to your individual preference,” Diesel says.

Plus, these colors are great choices for rooms that get lots of natural light as they reflect light well, which can help make your space feel brighter, he says.

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Post time: Dec-05-2023