Marble Remains a Popular Coffee Table Choice

Marble continues to be one of the most sought-after coffee table materials going into 2023. The timeless veined patterns of marble add natural texture and effortless elegance to both traditional and contemporary living spaces. Marble coffee tables have a luxurious, heirloom quality while still feeling current and fresh.

From Carrara and Calacatta to bold breccia and deep charcoal grey, marble tops come in a diverse array of white, grey, and black marble color variations. Pairing marble with metal legs in brass, gold, or silver creates a noticeable contrast for a more modern coffee table aesthetic. For traditional interiors, carved wood legs complement marble’s inherent elegance. Distressed finishes and rough-hewn marble surfaces also add organic flair.

Marble is a popular choice that instantly elevates a living room. The cool, hard surface resists scratches, stains, and water rings, making it one of the most durable and low-maintenance coffee table options. Marble’s timeless beauty and natural pattern variations ensure any marble coffee table will stay stylish for years to come. No wonder marble continues to dominate coffee table trends going into 2023 and beyond.

Unique Wood Grains Stand Out with Burl Tables

Burl wood coffee tables highlight the uniquely organic shapes and whorls found in the rare burl portion of tree trunks. The irregular swirls and patterns create visual interest and no two burl coffee tables look exactly alike. Tables crafted from the burl sections of exotic woods like walnut, maple, and mahogany make stunning organic statements. The intricate woody textures and patterns range from busy abstract shapes to serene flowing waves.

Burl grain coffee tables bring warmth and a natural touch to modern decor. The tables can be left with a clear finish to showcase the wood’s raw splendor or stained in whitewashed and grey-washed tones for a beachy weathered look. Contrasting metal legs in black, brass, or silver allows the burl grain to really stand out. For a more uniform look, pairing a burl tabletop with solid wood legs lets the striking grain take center stage.

Concrete Adds Industrial Style

Concrete is on trend for coffee tables in 2023, blending ultra-modern style with raw, industrial edge. Concrete tabletops and bases have an understated, unfussy aesthetic that complements both masculine bachelor pads and chic feminine interiors. The matte grey material has a neutral, solid presence that anchors a room without overpowering.

Smooth concrete table tops with metal legs have a sleek, contemporary vibe. For a more modern industrial edge, distressed concrete with pebbles and aggregate blends imperfections with the organic texture of stone and gravel. Concrete can also be molded into unusual sculptural shapes like cantilevered shelves and asymmetric silhouettes. Partner concrete with wood or marble for contrast.

Metallic Accents for Glamorous Living Rooms

Metallic coffee tables in brass, silver, and gold lend glamour and sophistication to living rooms. Metal tables have a clean, sleek silhouette that suits both traditional and contemporary spaces. The high-shine reflective surface instantly modernizes a room and catches the eye.

For a more eclectic look, a glass, marble, or stone tabletop paired with sculptural golden legs has a striking retro Palm Springs vibe. A glass top lets the metal base make a bold style statement. More minimalist metallic coffee tables allow the luxe material to take center stage, like a geometrically welded gold or silver table with a metal-tone finish.

Subtler metallic details like copper inlay or champagne stainless steel legs also telegraph understated elegance. Metallic coffee tables up the glam factor in any living room or sitting area.

Unexpected Shapes like Hexagons and Triangles

2023 coffee table trends break away from the expected rectangular and square shapes with creative silhouettes like triangles, curved edges, and hexagons. Unconventional coffee table shapes create a visual impact and bring playful energy to living spaces.

Hexagonal coffee tables make a strong geometric statement, especially when paired with a round area rug. The six-sided shape works well for large coffee tables that can anchor a conversation area. Triangular tables are also on-trend, fitting neatly in room corners or adding architectural contrast next to square seating.

Kidney bean-shaped coffee tables with a curved profile add softness to modern spaces. Circular coffee tables similarly ease boxy room corners. Oval, ellipse, and boat shapes also continue trending for their fluid, organic forms.

Unexpected coffee table shapes make a unique alternative to traditional rectangles. Clever irregular silhouettes like parallelograms, trapezoids, and rhombuses also create visual interest from all angles. Take coffee tables beyond four legs or sides for a conversation-starting look.

Sleek Styles with Glass Tops

Glass coffee table tops lend a light, airy feel perfect for small spaces. Transparent glass maintains an open visual footprint, creating the illusion of more square footage. Tinted glass in smoky greys and frosted finishes diffuse and soften a room’s contents.

Glass material enables playful table bases and sculptures to shine through. A glass top with a metal base reveals architectural shapes like crisscrossing gold frames. For an artistic coffee table, glass shelves suspended above metal legs display collectibles.

Glass requires coasters and some care to prevent scratches. But display-worthy glass tops let you creatively accent the space beneath with coffee table books, flowers, or decor. For a beachy vibe, add some shells or starfish below.

The streamlined profile of glass-topped tables complements both modern and contemporary rooms. Clear or colored glass tops bring lightness and style.