The trends that reflect the main tendencies in this sense in 2022 rely on such aspects as comfort, naturalness, and style. This is why you should not avoid the following ideas:

  • Comfy sofas. Put an emphasis on comfort and integrate it into your style for a trendy look and cozy environment;
  • Bring in geometry. Geometric shapes should not be avoided in 2022 as they are one of the main trends when it comes to interior design. Consider various forms and colors for a dynamic setting;
  • Soft pink for a soft effect. Although this color is not part of the 2022 trends, experts suggest integrating it into your room by applying it to upholstery or other details;
  • Metal details to emphasize the contrasts. Consider such metals as steel and brass for particular parts of the furniture to add a touch of elegance to the environment.

In this context, we refer one more time to eco-friendliness that should be integrated into the dining room through sustainable furniture. Therefore, the following trends should be considered:

  • Sustainable materials. Consider wood, bamboo, and rattan. It should be noted that they offer freshness, which is much welcome in a dining room;
  • White furniture on white background. Consider white for most of the dining room, particularly the furniture, to achieve a fresh effect. Nevertheless, opt also for another shade to balance the contrast;
  • Stick to simplicity. As minimalist style does not leave the stage in 2022, experts suggest you integrate it into your dining area by opting for simple designs and neutral colors.

Most of the kitchen is covered with furniture, so any slight change in its design can shape the entire picture. But this is why we are here to point you out the main tendencies in this sense for a stylish result.

  • Natural materials. Consider marble and wood for the main parts of furniture as these materials plan on staying in trend for a long time. Furthermore, they will fit any style and complement it by adding freshness;
  • Simplicity at its finest. Opt for handles-free cabinets for practical use of space and a contemporary look. An alternative in this sense would be the “touch to open system”;
  • Functionality in the first place. The practical use of space will always come first in a kitchen. Consider an additional layer of cabinets for storing the rarely-used units. Furthermore, such an arrangement will suit a contemporary style and complement the decor;
  • Matte surface for a luxurious look. Matte surfaces are replacing the glossy ones for a simpler yet more stylish look. As strange as it sounds, the matte effect alone can shape the entire interior design toward a modern appearance.

Bathrooms are most of the time smaller than other rooms, which implies a practical use of space. It should be noted that this aspect should be applied to large bathrooms as well since an additional sense of freedom does not spoil the picture. Take a look at the latest trends for the bathroom in 2022 for a better understanding of the mentioned aspect:

  • Compact basins. Consider tiny basins both for small and larger spaces to ensure their functionality. This particular feature of being compact and the various designs you can opt for will complement perfectly a modern bathroom;
  • Free-standing cabinets. Opt for floating cabinets for functional use of space. Furthermore, consider a “touch to open system” for a convenient setting that will offer your bathroom a contemporary look;
  • Large mirrors. We suggest you opt for large rectangular mirrors as they stay at the top of the 2022 trends. Furthermore, their sharp lines will balance the environment, besides the effect of enlarging the space.

Post time: Aug-03-2022