This is the first of a seven part series designed to help walk you through the entire process of selecting the perfect dining room set. It’s our goal to help you make the right decisions along the way, and even make the process enjoyable.

 The first step in picking a dining room set is to decide on your table style. This will help set the tone for your entire dining space. Each table style can offer style and function in different ways.

Leg Style

This style is probably the one you think of the most when someone mentions “dining table”.  With a leg supporting each corner it is also makes this style the sturdiest. As the table is expanded support legs are added to the center for additional stability. The downside to this style is that the legs on the corners prohibit people sitting all around the table.

Single Pedestal Style

This style has a pedestal centered in the middle of the table that supports the top.  It is commonly used with people who don’t have a large area for a table. Generally these tables seat 4 at the smallest size and up to 7-10 people with additional extensions or larger table size.

Double Pedestal Style

The Double Pedestal style is similar to the single pedestal, but has two pedestals centered in under the table top.  Sometimes they are connected by a stretcher bar and sometimes not. This style is great if you want to seat more than 10 people while having the ability to offer seating all the way around the table.

Many of the double pedestal tables are able to expand to accommodate 18-20 people. With this style, the base stays stationary as the top expands over the base. As the table gets longer there are 2 drop down legs attached under the base that can easily be unlatched to give necessary stability to the table at the expanded length.

Trestle Style

This style is increasing in popularity because they are usually rustic in design and have substantial bases.  The unique base has an H frame type design that can offer some challenges when it comes to seating.   Depending on how you want to position your chairs along the side, is where the challenges may arise.

A 60” base size can only seat one person in between the trestle base, which means it seat 4 people, whereas any other style would be able to seat 6. The 66” & 72” sizes can seat 2 in between the trestle, which means 6 people can fit, whereas any other style would be able to seat 8.  However, some people do not mind putting chairs where the base is and therefore expand seating capacity.  Some of these tables are also made to expand to seat 18-20 people as well. Despite seating challenges, they tend to offer more sturdiness than the Double Pedestal Style.

Split Pedestal Style

The Split Pedestal Style is a unique one.  It is designed with a single pedestal that can be unlatched and split apart, revealing a smaller center core that remains stationary.  The other two base halves then pull out with the table to support the ends to add more than 4 extensions to this table. This style is a great option if you want a small dining table that can open to great lengths.


Tip: Our dining tables are on average 30″ tall.  We also offer tables at 36″ and 42″ heights if you are looking for a taller table style.

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Post time: Jun-07-2022