Leather Chairs Buying Guide

When we dine sitting on one of the variously styled leather dining room chairs with arms, we are adding luxury to our decor and comfort to our lives. In the ancient world, in Europe and other places several centuries ago, armchairs were for the wealthy only. That’s all changed now.

Among the styles leather dining room chairs with arms are available in are:

  • parsons chairs
  • bergere chairs

Leg variations include:

  • straight
  • cabriole
  • turned

A fauteuil chair is an armchair with open sections under the arms. Fauteuil chairs come in many looks and blends of materials. One example has an ebony-colored leather seat within a frame of the same color. The back is upholstered with polyester-cotton fabric in a stamp pattern. Even though its characterized as a dining room chair, this chair could remind you of one of the furnishings in the Oval Office.

Another chair offers a relaxed yet elegant look because its back and sides are in amber-colored wicker. The seats are cream-colored pattern leather.

Modern designers have created some leather dining room chairs with arms that will really catch your eye. In looking like a chair for an executive’s office, one example in black leather with a dark brown finish is on wheels, swivels and has a tilt position you can adjust.

Inspired by a culture is a chair with a motif from a Native American rug in woven fabric on its back. This piece has a black seat in distressed leather and ornate nailhead trim.

While these are examples of unusual styles, leather dining room chairs with arms also come in clean and simple styles that go well with contemporary decor. One example is the director’s chair with its interlocking legs. A fixture since the early days of movies, it fits right in with today’s style.

Leather furniture is easy to care for. Properly maintained, it lasts a lifetime. You will not experience the temperature extremes in leather furniture that you may experience in car-seat leather. That’s because your body heat warms the leather furniture in winter and the upholstery stays cool in summer.

Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions because they specifically apply to the leather in the chair you purchased. Use a conditioner one or two times a year. Dust as needed with a dry cloth and vacuum tight spaces. Do not use soap, furniture polish or ordinary cleaners.

Remove spills immediately with a clean cloth or sponge. Use lukewarm water if necessary. Allow the spot to dry naturally. Treat grease and oily spills by removing them with a dry cloth. Do nothing else. Over time, the spot should go away.

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Post time: Aug-08-2022