Velvet Stool Buying Guide

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Velvet stools are great seating solutions as they blend comfort and style perfectly. They are made to complement any interior décor and every stylish homeowner knows this for a fact that is why velvet stools are always present on fashionable, artistically designed spaces.

As there are lots of considerations that need to be accounted for when selecting velvet stools, here’s a guide that we’re sure you’ll find useful:

Velvet is woven from several different fibers with the following as the common kinds:

  • Cotton Velvet - Cotton velvet has a beautiful matte finish. It is almost always blended with viscose in order to add both strength and luster to the material. The problem with this type of velvet for your stool’s upholstery is it crushes easily. If you opt for this material, make sure it is blended with another type of fiber to enhance its resilience.
  • Silk Velvet - Silk velvet is a luxurious fabric; possibly the most luxurious ever created. It’s smooth and soft to the touch. It’s so lustrous to the point that it gives off the impression that it’s wet. It is best suited for bar stools that will not be used heavily.
  • Linen Velvet - Like cotton velvet, linen has a dry, matte look. It takes dye well, which is why it always comes with a deep, rich hue. This type of velvet has subtle irregular striping as linen yarns have different thicknesses. Compared to other velvets, its pile is shorter and it is prone to crushing and bruising. It is a good choice if you are in an area with a warmer climate as the material is cool to the touch and breathable.
  • Cellulose-Based Velvets - Wood pulp or plant fibers that make up velvets are soft and they have a deep sheen or luster. Velvets from cellulose excel when it comes to glamour and friendliness to the environment.
  • Synthetic Velvets - They’re less prone to crushing or marking and they resist fading. However, they don’t have the rich color of natural fabrics. Since their introduction to the market, they’ve improved tremendously which means high-quality synthetic velvets look and feel the same as the natural ones.

Velvet stools always look amazing. They bring in the texture that is absent in flat weave fabrics. If your space is more traditional or formal, a velvet bar stool with a high back will boost the space’s elegance and luxury. For more modern or contemporary rooms, a great way to add contrast to the space is by adding velvet stools with low or no backrests.

Take a close look at the overall theme of where you’ll be adding the velvet stools to ensure you pick the best ones for your space.

Backless stools can slide under the counter so they’re space savers. They, however, offer less comfort to users when sat on for a long time. The most versatile stools that you can get are those with a lip section or mid-back as they seem like they’re barely there but they can offer comfort to users. Of course, a fullback is always the most comfortable option for prolonged use.

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Post time: Aug-09-2022