• Welcome to visit TXJ Factory

    Welcome to visit TXJ Factory

    With the rapid development of the company and the continuous innovation of R&D technology, TXJ is also expanding the international market and attracting the attention of many foreign customers. German customers visited our company Yesterday, a large number of foreign customers came to visit ...
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  • Getting more appetite by furnishing the dining room!

    Getting more appetite by furnishing the dining room!

    The food for the people is most important, and the role of dining room in the home is naturally obvious. As a space for people to enjoy food, the size of the dining room is large and small. How to make a comfortable dining environment through the ingenious selection and reasonable layout of the ...
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  • Super practical maintenace tips for different tables!

    Super practical maintenace tips for different tables!

    As the saying goes, “Food is the paramount necessity of the people”. It can be seen the importance of eating to people. However, the “dining table” is a carrier for people to eat and use, and we often enjoy food at the table with family or friends. So, as one of the most frequently us...
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  • Introduction for furniture helps you quickly understand the industry

    Introduction for furniture helps you quickly understand the industry

    First, the basic knowledge of furniture 1. Furniture is composed of four factors: material, structure, appearance form and function. The function is the guide, which is the driving force for the development of furniture; the structure is the backbone and the basis for realizing the function. 2, f...
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  • Dining benches you`ll fall in love

    Amazing thing to furnish your dining room is that you are not necessary to follow some fixed rules. Anything you want for your dining room ,just do it.  Besides dining table, chair other interior design things, you also can put dining bench as you wish in that room.   Dining bench from TXJ match ...
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  • Keep Creative With Seatings

    People usually put clear elements or things to define the area like kitchen room or living space.  Today we are going to show new types of chairs,which are helpful for people to be one of their “elements”.  Those chairs are not more than light color as we saw in modern room ,it seems vintage but ...
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  • Solid Wood Looking Table

    When looking for a solid wood, there is an element that people must consider,  whether or not buying a solid wood furniture.  It depends on people buying capacity,preference and what kind of style for the home space. It is indeed a fact that solid wood furniture is very beautiful,which brings you...
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  • The 2019 Guangzhou CIFF Furniture show was a success

    The 43th China International Furniture Expo ended on a very successful on Mar 22nd,2019,after 4 days of activities for our entire industry. Thousands of visitors came to meet TXJ, discover products and new designs. The feedback we received is very positive and there were a popular belief from our...
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  • Guangzhou CIFF Exhibition in Mar 18th-21st, 2018

    Here comes one of the most important event in Shanghai for Furniture designers and manufacturers. We are launching a new refined collections of contemporary & vintage dining furniture on CIFF Mar 2018, improved by our TXJ team. These new collections are inspired by market orientation and feat...
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  • The 24th China International Furniture Expo

    We, TXJ, will attend the 24th China International Furniture Expo from September 11th t0 14th, 2018. Some of our new products will be displayed at the exhibition. China International Furniture Expo (also known as Shanghai Furniture Expo) has become one of the most important trading platforms for p...
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  • Shanghai CIFF Exhibition in Sep, 2017

    We would make full preparation before attending every fair, especially this time on CIFF of Guangzhou.  It once again proved that we were ready to compete with famous furniture vendors, not only on the territory of China. We successfully signed annual purchasing plan with one of our clients, 50 c...
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  • Guangzhou Exhibition CIFF in Mar, 2016

    With the spring coming to an end, it is a new year CIFF for 2016 finally here. This year has been record-breaking for us.  We introduced new extension dining tables range combined with new popular chairs for exhibitors and visitors and get a positive feedback from all, more and more customers kno...
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