• SOHO Furniture is Coming!

    SOHO Furniture is Coming!

      Dear all, Since the epidemic in 2020, more and more people choose the SOHO way of work, so we have developed a new way of work furniture – home office chair. As a result, the functionality of the chair is greatly improved, which can be used in front of the desk or the dining table, s...
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  • American Style Furniture

    American Style Furniture

    Dear cutomers, we are so glad to tell you that we have developed some new range this year, you may found most of our products are European  style, they are selling well and get good feedback among most of  European counties, but there are few models can match the American market.   This year...
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  • New Arrival Arm Chairs

    New Arrival Arm Chairs

      This is a year which make us have more reflect on life Life is short, but it is precious Why not making your life more comfortable with the limited time you have? The new generation of the armchair, if you like it, then buy it, decorate your life from now on…    
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  • Let’s pray for India!

    Let’s pray for India!

    After more than 1year fighting with the COVID-19, most of countries won the first stage victory. More and more countries and areas have the vaccines,all of us are believing this war will be end soon.   But it’s not going to be in end, at present, the epidemic situation in India is sti...
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  • Notification of Pricing Adjustment

    Notification of Pricing Adjustment

      Dear All Valued Customers The escalating costs of raw materials which made us send this notice. You may also heard that all of the raw materials including Fabric, Foam, especially Metal have been increased a lot and the price changes everyday, it’s very crazy. Also, the shipping sit...
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  • 【Hot】New product launch

    【Hot】New product launch

    Dear customers,   Please stay safe and heathy : )   After a wonderful holiday, we have launched the latest dining chairs and fabrics. This kind of Teddy fabric is very popular now, and many of our old customers are also attracted by it. If you are interested in our new products, please ...
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  • Holiday Notice

    Holiday Notice

    Dear  Customers As we all know , the International Labour Day is comming soon, we are here kindly inform everyone that we will have a 5 days holiday since the first week of May, we are so sorry for any possible inconvenience to you.   Please kindly note this holiday schedule and ararnge your...
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  • Hot selling trolley during 2021 CARTON Fair

    Hot selling trolley during 2021 CARTON Fair

    The beauty of life is that you never know what will happen tomorrow Just like you don’t feel after abandoning the dull old-fashioned trolley, embellish the colors in the house!   Make your life colorful     Different size of the Trolley!   Welcome to contact with us at a...
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  • TXJ Featured Products For 2021

    TXJ Featured Products For 2021

    Dear Customers Thanks for all of you guys to pay attention to our new catalogs! And we are so sorry for keep you waiting so long time, our new catalog will be ready soon, we will luanched and  sent to  all of you at the first time when finishing.   Beofore that we would like to inroduce some...
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  • Meeting you in another way — The Canton Fair

    Meeting you in another way — The Canton Fair

    Dear customers, We are ready for the Canton Fair! ! ! Dates & Opening Hours 15th – 24th, April, 2021 Considering most customers can not come to China during this time, we will provide live streaming on some social media  during whole exhibition, so please pay more attention to our Fac...
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  • Price issues in the first half year

    Price issues in the first half year

    The  price issues became the more and more servere since July 2020. It was mianly caused by 2 reasons, first is the raw material price increased sharply, espeically foam, glass, steel tubes, fabric etc. Another reason is the exchange rate felled from 7-6.3, that was a huge influence on the price,...
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  • Welcome to follow us!!

    Welcome to follow us!!

    Hi dear customers! We are here so glad to inform you that we have found our official Facebook page and Youtube account, we will update our products, team activities by the social media! Welcome to follow us via following links, Facebook ID: Bazhou TXJ Furniture Facebook page: https://www.facebook...
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